Do you have curly hair? You must know these problems really well!

Sexy tumbling curls? Romantic retro waves? The reality shows that curly hair are far from perfect. If your hair are straight, read what owners of so loved by you curls have to deal with. If your hair are curly, then just read this article, node in the understanding and be glad that you are not alone.

curly-hairOwners of curly hair know exactly the described here problems. Definitely too many times we are just done with natural curls, that never look the way we would want them to. We dream about straight and easy to comb hair. What is more, we use straightener to enjoy straight hair at least for a little while. Nonetheless, let’s just admit it – no owner of curly hair would switch them with other.

In spite of it, we present…


1. The necessity of everyday hair wash – unwashed for one day curly hair mean flat and unruly hair. There is no point in washing hair in the evening anyway, because either way in the morning they will look bad. You can refresh the curl by spraying it with water, but this is only momentary cheat.

2. Impossibility of using the blow dryer – natural quality of curly hair is that they are dry. You have to take particular care of their hydration, and blow dryer can only cause additional dryness. Use of hot air on curly hair always makes them even more unruly.

3. Search for the perfect conditioning cosmetics – it is not an exaggeration to say that curly hair are demanding. Girls with curly hair must devote a lot of time to finding conditioning product with the perfect action. Not many cosmetics moisturises, improves curl, protects and strengthens at the same time.

4. Search for the perfect stylisation cosmetics – to preserve and to style hair is not easy if you take into consideration the demands of curly hair. Pomade or gel cause dryness, mousse makes them too stiff and wax is too greasy. Even finding hair spray to preserve the curl without clumping hair borders with the miracle.

5. Impossibility of wearing a hat – tumbling curls are, unfortunately, not immune to hats. Pressure made by the tight hat or heavy hood on the curly hair can result with flat and very anaesthetic hair.

6. Hair living their own life – curly hair equal constant surprises. Even with the numerous perfect cosmetics for their care and stylisation, you never know whether some streak may prefer to stand out in different direction. It is hard to tell how curls will behave.

7. Choice of the expensive hairdresser – probably the greatest trouble of women with curly hair . To make curls look good you must be skilled and have an idea on how to cut or style them. Often the ideas of hairdresser have catastrophic end.

8. Bush of hair not to grasp – loose curls can cover everything, even the entire face. Especially in windy days it is difficult to tame them. These are no allies with the jewellery, in which they can tangle.

9. Growing hair – progress in hair growth on straight hair can be observed week by week. Curly hair, even if they grow, can curl even more, and as a consequence can seem shorter. Therefore, growing curls takes really, really long time!