Laminating hair at home and at the salon.

Dry, dull and damaged hair? Unfortunately, many women have to struggle with this problem. If you belong to the group of unlucky owners of such fair type, you do not have to worry anymore. Are you ready to do whatever you can to restore the beauty of your hair. Fortunately, there are a few ways to achieve the best results. We would like to present one of the best methods to nourish and restore hair’s lustre. Have you ever heard of a hair treatment called laminating?

beauty.jpgWhat is hair laminating all about? During this treatment, we apply a special preparation that provides protection from mechanical, chemical and thermal damages. What are the effects? Hair scales are tightly closed, there is no frizz or static. What is more, hair is smooth, soft, glossy and looks healthier and stronger. Additionally, it becomes more susceptible to styling and is much easier to comb. How does the process of lamination look at home and in the salon?

Laminating hair at home.

You will need: a small amount of gelatine, a bowl with hot water, a plastic cap, a towel and a conditioner with the content of oils and emollients. Dissolve a teaspoon of gelatin in hot water and blend it well. After it cools down, add a tablespoon of conditioner. Apply the mixture on dry hair, cover up with the cap and wrap with a towel. Rinse thoroughly after about 40 minutes. What are the effects? Your hair will be soft, silky smooth In addition, it will regain radiance and resilience. To improve the effects of gelatin, rinse your hair with cool water and then blow-dry. Repeat the entire procedure every week.

Hair laminating at the salon.

The entire procedure of laminating hair at the salon lasts about 60 minutes and is rather expensive. Moreover, it is especially recommended for people with straight, curly and difficult to style hair. It can be done on both colour-treated and natural hair. During the procedure of laminating, the stylist applies a special formulation that penetrates deeply into the hair structure, fills cavities and regenerates. You can enjoy the tremendous effects up to three months. Then, it is advisable to repeat the treatment.