Unusual hair stylisation – curled hair with the cheese puffs!

We love beautiful waves and curls. Sadly it is not possible to obtain the effect we look for, especially when our hair do whatever they want. When curler, rollers and curling pin fail, it is time to reach for the unusual methods for curls, like for example tissues. However, certain American vlogger just went a step further and curled her hair with… Cheetos!

curls.jpgWe want our hair to be straight when these are naturally curly. We constantly test new methods for curling hair, when nature wasn’t very generous in this department. However, we must accept that at certain point in life, we do not want to look as usual.

The change is even more difficult, because straight hair do not want to curl. Nonetheless, is this a reason to reach for the weirdest methods?

Bunny Meyer aka grav3yardgirl, who is a YouTube vlogger, on the request of her viewers tests the craziest methods for curling the hair. In one of her first videos she presented curls with marshmallows. Sweet and sticky candies were the idea crazy enough for curling hair. However, Bunny has decided to not stop there.

In her latest video she presented her viewers with innovative hair curling method. Can curls made with Cheetos work? That depends on the attitude towards the technique. Bunny Meyer proved that it is quite effective way to curl your hair. Her slightly frizzing, straight and not appearing very well hair after curling with the Cheetos became tumbling curls.

How to curl hair with Cheetos?

It’s simple. Thin streaks of combed hair curl on the single Cheetos puff. Do it gently, so that puff wouldn’t break. The drawback is one, but quite significant – Cheetos are greasy, crumble and are very cheesy. It may not be the greatest option for the hair. Certainly, you can do better.


Why not try corn puffs without spices? If the method provides such an amazing results, you should think about testing it. However, you do not have to grease hair and subject them to the cheesy residue. Curls with corn puffs can turn out to be better solution, unless the secret lies in the Cheetos cheesy powder.