Redken Diamond Oil

redken-diamond-oilIf your hair is very damaged, weakened and with a tendency to fall out, you should definitely try out Redken Diamond Oil. All natural ingredients contained in the product will help you rebuild damaged and weakened wisps. The simple application will make this product become your favourite cosmetic.

Why should you use it?

Redken Diamond Oil regenerates damaged hair, restores the external and internal structure of strands and protects against harmful external factors. Thanks to this oil your hair becomes stronger, healthier and less prone to damage. Straightening, colouring and doing curls will not be so terrifying. Of course, still be careful not to blow-dry your hair too frequently. If static and frizz are your biggest problems, Redken Diamond Oil should help you. It will perfectly smooth your hair, provide shine and moisturise. Styling hair will become a lot easier. Oil does not contain silicones, but only natural vegetable oils: coriander, camellia and peach. Coriander oil helps fight dandruff and excessive work of sebaceous glands.

It prevents hair loss and strengthens hair follicles. Camellia oil fights free radicals, moisturises and nourishes, and enhance the effects of coriander oil. Regeneration, shine, unusual flavour. This can be obtained through peach oil.

How to apply Redken Diamon Oil?

A small amount of oil is more than enough to nourish and strengthen your hair. Redken Diamond Oil should be warmed up in the palm of your hands prior to application. This procedure will change its consistency into more fluid. It is much easier to apply your cosmetics. Then, rub the oil in your hair; the product cannot not be applied on scalp. Redken Diamond Oil can be used on wet or dry hair, or as an addition to masks or conditioners ,before styling and as an all-night treatment. The way yo apply oil is a matter of your persona choice. Make sure to match the way of applying such cosmetics to your hair type and its level of damage. Do not abort the treatment and you will certainly see great results.

Is it worth recommending?

If you care only for strengthening and beautifying the hair, you can try Redken Diamond Oil. Unfortunately, such cosmetic is not recommended for individuals who are struggling with diseases of the scalp. The product could cause excessive secretion of sebum which leads to greasy hair. The rest of the users will certainly be satisfied with the effects of the product. What is more, users should also be satisfied with an easy to use pipette (though made of soft plastic), the perfect consistency of the product and its composition. People who have very sensitive scalp and hair must be bare in mind that Redken Diamond contains alcohols and perfumes. These ingredients may cause irritation. Therefore, before you use oil, carefully read the label of the product.


  • Easy application
  • Natural ingredients
  • Adds gloss and smooths hair


  • Nurtures only hair, not the scalp
  • Strengthen hair noticeable only at the end of treatment
  • Pipette can be easily damaged
  • Apart from oils, it also includes alcohols and fragrances